Welcome to Digital Turf. We are at the forefront of new design, technology and development, integrating the latest technologies to build cutting edge solutions and cool online things. Through our unique branding, fresh design and bold technological innovation, we make awesome happen for the internet. Take a journey through our spiffy new website - and learn more about our particular brand of awesomeness.

Who We Are

We are obsessive strategists, designers, developers and technologists who share a passion for creating great ideas and translating them into engaging, innovating and amazing digital experiences. We know that the best way to drive a program is through strategic planning and consistent messaging across all media channels-starting online, where most voters and constituents live. Really we like to consider ourselves techno-pirates swashbuckling in the digital seas.

Online Advertising

The internet is in a continuous state of change. Your target audience is a new breed that consumes information across multiple platforms. Are you ready to keep up with the new digital consumer? Are you aware what devices and methods they're using to find you? Are you ready to engage your targets across the internet? We are.

  • Content Marketing and SEO
  • Banner and Video Campaigns
  • Social Networking Campaigns
  • Mobile, Geo-Mobile and Text

Strategy & Consulting

From a full overhaul to a modernization of your existing digital program, we will help you draft a plan that's cohesive across all mediums, and reaches the audiences you want to impact. We can also evaluate your current strategies, and technologies for anything you might be missing, or need to update. We are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to new products, and technologies. We'll be the first to let you know if we think your organization could make use of something new we've come up with, or a new technology on the horizon.
  • Brand Modernization
  • Technology Inventory
  • Content Strategy
  • Reputation Management

Data Driven Communications

Not enjoying the status quo, we believe communication plans be should be built and based around a solid foundation of data. From understanding your audience, through enhanced consumer profiling, to delivering a hyper-targeted online message to specific people - we love when a perfect plan comes together.
  • Voterfile and Consumer Profiling
  • Merging & Purging Existing Lists
  • List Technology Analysis
  • Drafting and Managing Digital Communications


Combining strategy, usability, and crazy smart creative, we transform your technical and campaign objectives into compelling Web, interface, motion, and print design solutions.
  • Website Design
  • Logos
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • User Interfaces
  • Cool drawings and stuff


We develop more than the best cutting edge websites on the internet. From our fresh and integrated mobile applications, and implementation of custom API's, to our groundbreaking web based software, we develop the technologies you need.

  • Database Development
  • Website Development
  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development

Online Organizing

Building a strong online organization requires virtual "boots on the ground". Modeled after traditional field programs, our online organizers engage and activate the online community. By maintaining, engaging and activating separate social networks, blogs and pages, we will generate traffic to the core site, create a community atmosphere, and provide the delivery mechanism for visitors to take action.
  • Producing Tangible Results
  • Event Promotion and Updates
  • Growing local Fans and Followers
  • Content and Message Delivery

Client List

The Anthony Foxx Committee
United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters
YES on 744
Bill Vinsko for Congress
Cicilline for Congress
Debbie Halverson
Gary McDowell for Congress
Harrah's Casinos
Illinois Coordinated Campaign
Kansas Democratic Party
Marsden for Senate
Nevadans for Nevada
Boockvar for Congress
Community Labor Coalition
Friends of John Pope
Haiti Aid Watchdog
Lakers for Governor
Minnesota Farm 2 School
Page for Missouri
Protect Maine Equality
Glenn Nye
Some more clients
Partners for Open Space
Raj Goyle for Congress
Steve Raby for Congress
Theis for Supreme Court
Vote No on 2 Maine
American Federation of Teachers
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Comcast Corporation
David Cicilline for Congress
First State Bank of Bedias
Graves for Congress
Human Rights Campaign
Jacob Frey for Senate
KS State House Democratic Caucus
Minnesota Families
Ohio Democratic Party
Progress New Jersey
Roscoe State Bank
Bookvar for Congress
Integrated Bank Technologies
Susan Bysiewicz for US Senate
Tim Bishop for Congress
Wendy Davis
Bishop for Congress
Coalition for Progress
Dave Marsden for Senate
Bysiewicz for US Senate
Consumer Fund of Texas
Garcia for Congress
Hardy Girls, Healthy Women Inc
IDEXX Laboratories
Juan for Connecticut
MacCormac College
Nevada Conservation Voters
Paint Texas Blue
Putting Maine To Work
The Wilderness Society
Vivek Bavda for Congress
EMILY's List
Grassroots Solutions
Healthcare Reform Collaboration
Protect Our Jobs
Kloppenburg for Justice
Maureen Reed for Congress
No On Tabor II
Paula Flowers for Congress
Ron Kind for Congress
Steve Rowe for Governor
Tidewater PAC
We Are Ohio
Arizona Democratic Party

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