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Your Digital Strategists

We're a boutique creative agency, combining the appeal of the local team you want with the impact and experience of a national firm.

We’re here to help you cut through the noise and make an impact! Americans spend 6+ hours online every day, sifting through a barrage of posts, ads, articles, and videos. A robust digital program and a team that understands digital strategy are essential to reach your audience and ensure your message resonates.
We combine decades of campaign management and digital know-how with a team of seasoned designers, developers, content creators, and storytellers to redefine how campaigns and organizations communicate, grow and mobilize.

Marc Cerabona

Managing Partner

brings to his clients unparalleled institutional and technical knowledge, based on more than two decades of experience in website development and data management in the political, corporate, and non-profit spheres.


Marc led the development of one of the earliest online field and fundraising databases, built one of the first palm pilot-based field tools, and has managed data for numerous elected officials, political campaigns, and organizations such as America Coming Together, DCCC and EMILY’s List.


As managing partner and co-founder of Digital Turf, he has spearheaded the development of integration and enhancement software for Votebuilder, Catalist, Google, and NGP systems. With relentless attention to
detail, Marc has been the guiding force for creating trouble-free software and applications for Digital Turf and their clients.

Making Funny Face

Dallas Bryant

is a natural-born storyteller, teacher, and organizer. With his background in organizing, filmmaking, and photography he brings a unique perspective and a composer's eye to his work as “Creativity Cultivator and Idea Shepherd”
with Digital Turf.


Dallas has been involved in grassroots organizing since 2000. Since moving from ground organizing to the "air game" he has curated the design and launch of hundreds of websites and digital ad campaigns.


Darikka Scollard

(she/her) has worked with numerous campaigns, non-profits and organizations, helping them develop and execute effective digital strategies and communicate through social media and online advertising.


In addition to her work across the United
States; including Barack Obama’s successful Presidential run in 2008; Darikka has worked internationally both in Ghana and
with U.S. based international NGO’s. She enjoys the challenge of effectively sharing ideas and information with a global audience.

Jay Sylvano

has been working in the graphic design industry for over 15 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the projects she oversees. From her background in both print and digital publishing, she has regularly been the lead designer in ventures ranging from corporate branding, marketing and lifestyle to news media, politics and education.


Thomas Huseby

(he/him) is an expert in digital strategy, social media advertising and management, and web copywriting. He incorporates an intersectional approach to his work in progressive messaging and policy.


Thomas has over two decades of experience in LGBTQ+ community engagement and advocacy. In 2016, he was the recipient of Equality Louisiana’s Outstanding Community Advocate of the Year award. He is an alumni of the Louisiana chapter of New Leaders Council.


By scaling mountains and overcoming fears spelunking across the country, Thomas enjoys the inspiring grandeur of nature.

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